By clicking accept, you understand that we use cookies to improve your experience on our website. CloudSOC SpanVA. About the CASB Integration. If this isn't the case, could you shed some light on what it is used for. TECH255686.

Because Symantec VIP can be seamlessly integrated with Symantec SEP (Endpoint Protection), DLP, CloudSOC CASB and Secure Access Cloud (Software-defined Perimeter), organizations are enabled to check identity, context and device health at the door and continue this assessment throughout a user’s session for optimal data security. The Symantec CloudSOC R1 course is intended for IT professionals who wish to develop the knowledge and skills to deploy and manage Symantec CASB/s solution, CloudSOC. Get started, get help and deployment resources are included in this CloudSOC portal. Solution. Login is required. Subscribe To This Article. Tech Support Number 1 (800) 342 0652. Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs) provide functionality to discover the use of the cloud, to control which cloud services can be accessed and to protect the data held in these services. Symantec CloudSOC Portal CloudSOC CASB subscription provides visibility, data security, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), and threat protection so you can safely use cloud apps. Subscribing will provide email updates when this Article is updated.

This course is intended for users who want to apply Symantec CloudSOC’s capabilities to … Create a partner account for a CloudSOC tenant. I thought it was a method of writing out errors or warnings relating to the running of the SpanVA appliance. What is the syslog option in SpanVA intended for? Contact Symantec Technical Support to initiate the process to have this account created. For more details, please see our Cookie Policy. The Symantec CASB platform, CloudSOC™, provides visibility to over 24,000 cloud applications plus over 60 attributes per application. This enables scalable policy to control Shadow IT and cloud application access. Many organizations are using cloud services, but the use of these services is often poorly governed. The Web Security Service is an integrated platform for Content Filtering, Threat Protection, DLP, and CASB deep-controls on cloud applications.

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